What is VIGO?


VIGO is a natural antioxidant, it assists digestion, immune system and has a detoxicating action. VIGO is an excellent alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened carbonated drinks.

VIGO is a herbal beverage based on kombucha – a Japanese mushroom, which has already been used in natural medicine for over a thousand years. VIGO is a revelation, it has a very, very refreshing but different taste but most importantly it is a health factory!

We do not use sugar, sweeteners, nor any aspartamates, stevias or xylitols. We only use natural sweeteners – fruit extracts, that what is sweetest in fruits. VIGO is gluten-free and it contains substances, which create a friendly environment for the development of probiotics, which are beneficial for our natural resistance system. We do not apply artificial colourings, preservatives and other chemical modifications.

VIGO is a drink with a fantastic taste and properties. We have made every effort so it would also have a tempting appearance. The essence of kombucha is contained in a beautiful glass bottle, creating an ideal composition of aesthetic and flavour qualities.

Benefits of VIGO


VIGO is a drink prepared on the basis of the best varieties of Japanese mushrooms, herbal tea and natural crystal clear spring water, the quality of which is monitored on an ongoing basis throughout the production process, in order to retain all the flavour values of the drink, and primarily all the refreshment qualities.

Kombucha, which is the main component of our drink, it is a herbal mushroom originating from Asia. It has been known for over two thousand years and it has been used in natural medicine for centuries because of its antioxidant, cleansing and organism strengthening properties.


Virtues of VIGO


Lactic acid
Protects the intestinal walls, counteracts constipation and neutralises blood acidity by regulating its pH level, and it also prevents tumours.
Malic acid
Has a detoxicating action that is it assists the organism naturally to remove toxins and accumulated impurities.
Apple vinegar
VIGO contains an aqueous solution, which helps metabolism and the heart function, reduces the level cholesterol counteracting atherosclerosis. It strengthens teeth and equally the gums.
VIGO is a source of niacin that is vitamin B3 (PP), which performs the important role of eliminating so-called bad cholesterol and fat, in so doing supporting the production of so-called good cholesterol. Vitamin B3 is essential during the course of the process of metabolic change. It helps those in the struggle with obesity who struggle with the problem of additional kilograms.
Vitamin B6
VIGO provides vitamin B6, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system and also enhances the resistance of the organism – participating in the creation of antibodies. Vitamin B6 helps counteract obesity, rheumatism and the risk of cerebral stroke.
VIGO contains biotin that is Vitamin B7, which serves as a carrier of carbon dioxide in the processes of transformation of matter. It has a role in the metabolisms of proteins and fats, has a role in the synthesis of fatty acids and in the absorption of vitamin C.
Vitamin B12
VIGO equally contains vitamin B12, which improves memory and the effectiveness of learning, soothes nerves, increases resistance to stress, counteracts anaemia and improves appetite. Furthermore it may reduce the risk of occurrence of Alzheimer’s, tumours and psychological illnesses.


Legendary, original taste of VIGO Kombucha Original. The mixture of white and black tea, which as a result of fermentation process gives an unique, very refreshing and filled with health flavour.

MAPLE 330ml


Unusual combination of Kombucha and maple juice made from maple fruits and leaves. VIGO Maple is subtly sweet and intensively wild by nature. It is slightly reminiscent of the taste of maple syrup but still is totally unique – refreshing, delicate, unrepeatable and in addition – absolutely healthy.



Original and sophisticated composition of Kombucha and Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis). Untamed but enormously gripping taste.

ACAI 330ml


Even more fruits? That’s right. VIGO Acai is extremely refreshing with a distinctive, deep flavour. Excellent taste and lots of health straight from the tropical forests of South America.